How many people are serving in our armed forces?

Answer According to the United States Department of Defense, there were 1,428,868 active duty military personnel serving in the armed forces as of March 31, 2010. This total included 559,783 serving in th... Read More »

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Are service members serving in the US Armed Forces require permission from their command in order to appear on TV?

Permission is not necessarily required, but notification is a recognized protocol. And, if a service members is ordered by command to not appear, that order must be respected.

What is the total number of armed forces serving in the US military as of two thousand eight including army and air force and marines and navy and coastguard located in the US and overseas?

US Military troop strengths are and have always been classified.

Why do people hate the armed forces?

Could be for a number of reasons. People who joined, only to find out they couldn't hack it, tend to have animosity towards the military. I know a lot of people who've joined and have been sent to ... Read More »

Which state has the highest percentage of people 16 to 64 in the US Armed Forces?