What is the name of that SCIFI show where about 5 people need to save the earth after they were shown what was going to happen and were sent back in time The intro had the earth exploding?

Answer Odyssey 5

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Did you feel the earth tremor in melbourne today?

I'm about 400kms out of Melbourne and didn't feel a thing.

How many species of organisms live on the earth today?

Science has identified over two million species of organisms. Estimates project that there are nearly fifty times that many waiting to be discovered, which means that there could possibly be 100 mi... Read More »

You want to know what was the question asked in today show of earth matters shown don dd national dated 10 August 2008?

How many people live on the earth?

There are an estimated 6.8 billion people living on earth as of 2010. The population of the world has a net growth of approximately two to three people per second, accounting for both births and de... Read More »