How many people are named canyon?

Answer I'm not sure, and I would like to know. My name is Canyon, and I made this question. If you know please answer it!

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How many people think Michael Jackson is a pedophile?

Me+They are caring on for man who was creepy at best! I am sick to death hearing "what a fantastic guy he was". He was creepy to the core. Even his own children had miserable childhoods because of ... Read More »

How many people do you think will kill themselves because of Michael Jacksons death?

Who is the prison break guy named Michael scofield?

ALF ALF is most commonly associated with a 1980's TV series involving an alien who crash lands on Earth. The comedic alien was given the name ALF, as an acronym for 'Alien Life Form'. ALF also stan... Read More »

Does Brian Westbrook have a brother named Michael?

I dont think that Brian Westbrook is related to Michael Westbrook but i know that Brian Westbrook has a brother named Byron Westbrook. Im not 100% sure if Micheal and Brian are related but im prett... Read More »