How many people are looking to adopt?

Answer While it is difficult to estimate how many people in the United States are thinking of adopting a child, the U.S. federal government estimates that U.S. citizens adopt 120,000 children each year. I... Read More »

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Why is it that (too many to count)parents looking to adopt or have adopted....?

They are not anti-adoption. They are adoption activists.Those who are bothered by such may either not share their passion, prefer not to rock the boat, or whole heartedly, prefer to ignore reality ... Read More »

How many people adopt in a year?

How many people are waiting to adopt a baby?

In 2010, there were somewhere between one and two million couples in the United States waiting to adopt a child. Each year there are approximately 50,000 children placed for adoption in the U.S., ... Read More »

How many people want to adopt a children?

More than 1 million people/parents want children that can't have them. It's very sad, but adoption is available.