What ancient Greek earth-mother is linked to the New Age view of our planet as a living organism?

Answer Gaia Hypothesis------------------------Beyond this, however, there are greater questions to be asked pertaining to the nature of life itself. Is a planet just a lump of rock, or is it a living orga... Read More »

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How many people are living in Ohio?

There are approximately 11,542,645 people living in the state of Ohio, according to the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau estimate. This population represents a 1.7 percent increase from the state's populati... Read More »

How many people living in US pay income tax?

Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for SOI Tax Stats - Individual Income Tax Returns Click on the below Related Link

How many people are living with HIV?

An estimated 33 million people in the world are living with HIV. Of these, millions have developed AIDS. In 2008, around 2.7 million became infected with HIV. Approximately 2 million people die fro... Read More »

How many people live on the earth?

There are an estimated 6.8 billion people living on earth as of 2010. The population of the world has a net growth of approximately two to three people per second, accounting for both births and de... Read More »