How many people are in the operating room?

Answer It depends on the surgery. There's at least one doctor, a scrub tech/nurse, a circulating nurse, and an anesthetist at all times.

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How many people can fit into a 4816 sq ft room?

i cant tell you unless you tell me how big the people are and much space 1 person takes

How many people can be in the room during the delivery of a baby?

Other than whom ever is giving birth, and not counting medical staff, generally 2.

In general why most brothers' wives are more beautiful than husbands' sister- this is not my situation but I have noticed this many times with many people and most of the sister-in-laws?

Since most husband's sisters will eventually become some brother's wife, this "observation" is clearly nonsense.

How many people were in the room when you gave birth?

I only let my husband I thought the moment the baby was born should be a moment we should share together. & it was perfect!Also I really liked having my favorite outfit for the baby there, it was k... Read More »