How many people die in the army?

Answer There is no single answer for that. During times of peace, the death rates are quite low, and in fact are lower than for civilians of equivalent age. The "deaths in the army" vary conflict by confl... Read More »

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How many people are in the US Army?

i actually did this on a calculatorthere are:4,460,747 people in the us armyno lie!

How many people in US Army as of 2009?

How many people are in a army sub-division?

No such formation as a "subdivision". Divisions are composed of brigades, which are composed of battalions, which are composed of companies, which are composed of platoons, which are composed of sq... Read More »

How many people work for the us army?

That depends on the type of unit you are talking about. An armor platoon has sixteen men. A mechanized infantry division has around twenty thousand.