What sort of people fought in the Roman army and how long did they have to stay in the army?

Answer The sort of people who fought in the Roman army were generally the poorer men who saw the army as a way of gaining a steady income and a retirement package of either cash or land. The time that the... Read More »

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What do army people call navy people?

Navy people, sailors.. there's some instances of the term "squid" being used, but that one's a bit more commonly used by the Marines, who have a lot more interaction with the Navy than Army personn... Read More »

Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs o... Read More »

How many people die in the army?

There is no single answer for that. During times of peace, the death rates are quite low, and in fact are lower than for civilians of equivalent age. The "deaths in the army" vary conflict by confl... Read More »

How many people are in the US Army?

i actually did this on a calculatorthere are:4,460,747 people in the us armyno lie!