Do some companies discriminate against people in the military or with past military experience?

Answer No. For one, they're prohibited from it by law. Now if your training schedule conflicts with a job you're applying for, that's not discrimination - that's them needing someone whose schedule they c... Read More »

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Non-military people should be final decision makers of the military?

they were as with Viet Nam. But, all Washington did was delay and screw up military operations due to time delay. Permission for an assault sent to Washington and time back to the field took days..... Read More »

The Republicans feed the military and Arm the military and Train the military and Fund the military far greater than the democrats do so why would the military THEN be stacked against republicans?

I'm Fed by our Cooks, Armed by my Armorer, Trained by my Non-Commissioned Officers, and Funded by Congress.Nowhere in a chow line, weapons card line, training office, or finance office have I ever ... Read More »

How many people in the military are gay?

There are probably about the same amount or a little more than in the general population.

How may gay people are in the US military?

No statistics were ever taken. The policy since the Clinton administration, after all, has been "don't ask, don't tell", so the military could never collect statistical information on it.