How many people in a squad of infantry?

Answer A US Army infantry squad has a total of 9 members, two fire teams of 4 men each plus one squad leader.

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How many people in a squad of infantry in the US Marines?

Thirteen men divided into three fire teams and a squad leader.

How many men are in an Army squad?

An infantry squad in the United States Army consists of ten men, mainly so that one squad can easily fit into an armored personnel carrier or Blackhawk helicopter. Each squad is comprised of a squa... Read More »

How many men were in a Marine Corps squad in the Vietnam war?

The number will almost always vary depending upon the branch of service (Marines, Army, Navy, etc.), nationality (German, Japanese, French, American, etc.), and era (1600s, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, etc... Read More »

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