How do people in Mexico earn a living?

Answer In the last 20 years, a new generation of Americans has been moving to Mexico. These are people who still have to work in some way to support themselves.CommutingIn some cases, the family economy i... Read More »

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Who were the first people living in Mexico?

Long before the rise of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec empires, Mexico was ruled by the Olmecs. The Olmec people established a sophisticated culture of art, agriculture and trade in the states now kno... Read More »

What percent of people in Mexico speak Spanish?

Approximately 93 percent of Mexico's population speaks Spanish either as a native or second language. In addition to Spanish, hundreds of indigenous languages survived the conquests of native peopl... Read More »

How many catholics are in mexico?

Mexico is predominately Catholic, with about 89 percent of the population, or 93.6 million people claiming Catholicism as their religion. While the number of Catholics in Mexico has been growing as... Read More »

How many deserts are there in Mexico?

There are three deserts in Mexico. The Chihuahuan Desert lies in New Mexico. parts of Arizona and Texas. This desert extends south into Mexico. The Sonoran Desert is a desert extending into southea... Read More »