How many people are born in 1 hour?

Answer 12 children are born every hour

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How many people does Jack Bauer kill in a 24 hour period?

How many people can be born at once?

Seven A Rebuttal: Are you serious? Did you read a paper or watch television in the week before asking and answering this question? It's been all over the news lately that a woman in California (who... Read More »

How many people are born each year?

About 200,000,000 worldwide are born each year and about 490,000 each day but some people die so the Numbers i gave you are just for the amount of babies born DUDE U EDITED MAH EPIC ANSWER -Russel... Read More »

How many people think that a new born is ugly?

ha ha No your not alone.... personally My opinion is that once the baby looses the "squished through a vagina look" they start looking much cuter... (usually after a week or so) but the wonderfu... Read More »