How many people abuse there kids when they are on drugs?

Answer Free as long as it's my mom adopting Cody

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Why do people do drugs when they know its bad for them?

Do parents feel bad when they abuse there children?

When drugs become OTC are they less effective than when they were prescription?

No, they are at lower doses that are safe in general to use as directed on the label. So a 200 mg tablet of naproxen isn't going to be as strong as 400 mg tablets, but they are safer to use without... Read More »

Y do so many people endanger themselves by asking people advice on here when they should see a doctor?

Because doctors are expensive and often not very attentive. And it's almost imppossible to go see one unless you have insurance, which alot of people don't have. Even if you do have it, there is us... Read More »