How many pennies fit in a gallon jar?

Answer At 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and 1.55 millimeters thick, a penny is about 0.03 cubic inches. A 1-gallon jug holds 231 cubic inches. Calculating this--231 divided by .03--gives a result of 7,700... Read More »

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How many pennies fit into a 5-gallon jug?

According to an experiment conducted by Calculator City, a U.S. penny has a volume of about 0.360 cubic centimeters, or 0.012173 oz. Five gallons equals 640 ounces, so a 5-gallon jug has room for a... Read More »

How many pennies fit in a 5-gallon jug?

Most sources, such as, estimate a bit over 30,000 pennies will fit in a 5-gallon jug. The answer isn't finite, since the shape of jugs vary and pennies can be stacked or randomly d... Read More »

How many pennies can fit into a five gallon jug?

There are 1,155 cubic inches inside a 5 gallon tank measured in U.S. gallons. A penny has a diameter of 0.75 inches and a thickness of 1.55 mm. About 7,771 pennies can fit per gallon, meaning tha... Read More »

How many pennies fit in a 6-gallon water jar?

The number of pennies that fit in a 6-gallon water jug depends on the dimensions of the jug. Pennies are 0.75 inches around and 0.05 inches thick. A standard 6-gallon water jug is 12.75 inches by 1... Read More »