What Is the Difference Between Wood Pellets & Corn Pellets?

Answer Traditional methods of heating your home such as electric, gas and oil can be very expensive. There are alternative sources such as wood and corn pellets. These alternative sources of fuel are both... Read More »

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How many owl pellets does an owl make each day?

Most owls produce two pellets a day. There can be variations in the number of pellets produced per day if the owl is ill, injured or infirm. The birds may produce fewer pellets in the cold winter m... Read More »

Is AA-12 shotgun the most powerful shotgun?

How to Write a Shell Script Using Bash Shell in Ubuntu?

Ever wanted to Automate operations in your OS? Ever wanted to write a program that could create a file, copy that file to a directory? And using the Famous BASH Shell in Ubuntu? If the answers to b... Read More »

O-Guage Locomotives?

MTH and Atlas have just reentered the hobby. By just, I mean the past 5 years. Williams has been in O for many years. Welcome to the hobby. For more information go to . Model Railro... Read More »