How many peeps travelled abroad in 1997?

Answer Answer no

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Will people calling me on mobile when im abroad notice i am abroad?

If you are abroad and I ring your mobile, I will get a different tone. The same long tone as you get when your waiting for someone to pick up the phone in the states (like in the movies). Whether... Read More »

Whatsapp abroad/phone abroad Help!?

It will only cost money if you are sending the messages over a data connection (not using wifi).

How many places have you travelled to in your life?

I have been to Italy,France ,England,Scotland,Ireland,Belgium and the Isle on Man plus travelled a bit in Australia but still have lot here I want to see.I would like to go back to Italy and would ... Read More »

How to Find the Distance Travelled on a Graph?

When you plot distances on graphs, you can easily find the horizontal and vertical distances traveled. However, you cannot simply add the horizontal distance and vertical distance to find the diago... Read More »