How many peas are in a can of peas?

Answer there are roughly 1300

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How many calories in tin peas?

How many carbs in split peas?

Split peas are the dried and halved seeds of the legume Pisum Sativum, which grow in pods that contain several peas per pod. A serving is equal to one cup of cooked split peas and contains approxim... Read More »

Survey; How many peas can you put on your fork at one time?

13? Damn I am lucky to get 7...that is why I now use a home anyway! LOL! Remember as kids...well we use to like to slide them on a butter knife, see how many would stay. Drove my mom cra... Read More »

How many times will pea plants produce peas?

One pea plant will produce an abundant crop of peas once per season. Different varieties of peas will have different harvest times, but all pea plants will produce their crop of peas within a short... Read More »