How many parts does a spider's body have?

Answer Spiders, unlike insects, only have two body parts and eight legs (insects have three body parts and six legs). The two body parts are called the abdomen (the back part) and the thorax (the front pa... Read More »

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How many body parts does a spider have?

Spiders are arachnids and have two major body parts and eight legs. The front part of the body, known as the cephalothorax, contains the eyes, mouth and legs. The second part is the abdomen. It hol... Read More »

How many body parts does an arachnid have?

According to Ohio State University, arachnids have a head/thorax, abdomen and four pairs of legs. Counting the legs individually, this yields 10 separate body parts. They have exoskeletons like mos... Read More »

How many body parts does a grasshopper have?

Similar to other insects, grasshoppers have three main body parts: head, thorax and abdomen. The head area includes two antennae, two compound eyes, three ocelli (simple eyes), and multiple mouth p... Read More »

How many different parts does the human body have?

The human body consists of five basic body parts, the head, the neck, the torso, the arm and the legs. Those five basic parts are then broken down into additional parts for example, the head consis... Read More »