How many paper towels are made each year?

Answer More than 7,300 tons of paper towels are made each year, representing 8 percent of the United States' paper production. Approximately 1 million tons of paper towels end up in landfills every year.S... Read More »

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How many paper plates are made each year?

About 970,000 tons of paper plates are thrown away annually, according to Columbus Green Spot. A single paper plate weighs about 0.0376 lbs. Multiplying these figures leads to the conclusion that m... Read More »

How many paper cups are sold each year?

Paper cups are readily used for coffee and other hot or cold beverages. About 220 billion paper cups are distributed and sold per year all over the world. North America alone is accountable for mor... Read More »

How many cars are made each year?

While the specific number changes yearly based on the economy, more than 50 million cars are expected to be produced in 2009.SourceCars Produced In the World

How many tires are made each year?

The amount of tires that are produced each year is well into to the billions. North America alone get more than 250 million tires each year that are scrapped. There are more then 3 billion scrapped... Read More »