How many pain relief pills does it take to kill you?

Answer Take the amount that is directed on the bottle and no more. In case you haven't seen the news lately plenty of people die just taking a few extra pills along with something else.I take hydrocodone... Read More »

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Should I take two of those stikin pills my doctor gace me" or should I take 30 pain killers to kill me?

take noneand add mesammy-lll@hotmail.comwe cant have another hannah bond story againmcr's music would be banned!just add me please or email medont do it, your not supposed to leave yethang in there... Read More »

Pain Relief Pills for Dogs?

If you're like most dog owners, you simply can't stand it when your dog is in pain. Whether it's from arthritis, an injury, surgery or old age, there is likely a pain pill you can give your dog tha... Read More »

Anyone know of any relief for a toothache pain pills not working.?

Clove oil rubbed on the gums around the tooth.Also, at Wal-Mart, in the denture section, there is a little tube of medication, that comes in a little box; calledBenzodine, Benzident, Benz-somethin... Read More »

How many pain pills should a person with a broken leg take?