How many pages on the apple iPhone?

Answer as many as you want you can rearrange your apps so there's even only one app one one page if you want, pretty much unlimited pages, it depend how much apps you get

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How many pages of apps can be on an iPhone?

As of July 2010 an iPhone can have 11 different pages of applications. Each page holds 16 applications, with four applications (typically mail, phone, Internet and iPod) remaining constant on all o... Read More »

Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb apple iPhone?

That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.

Difference between factory unlocked apple iphone 3gs and jailbroken apple iPhone 3GS?

AboutUp to 4,000 songsandUp to 16 hours videoThis is an approximate answer

How many apps can you have on the Apple iPhone 3GS?

You can have 16 folders on a page and 12 apps in a folder and 11 pages of folders and 4 folders at the bottom so about 1,980 on the home screen pages after you fill them you can have more and have ... Read More »