How many pages does a kodak ink cartridge print?

Answer The number of pages a Kodak ink cartridge will print varies based on the type of cartridge and the job being printed. An independent study by Quality Logic suggests the average Kodak color ink cart... Read More »

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How many color pages will the kodak esp 7 print with one ink cartridge?

The Kodak ESP 7 All-in-One Printer uses the 10C color ink cartridge. Testing of the cartridge, in agreement with procedures set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or ... Read More »

How many pages do the Kodak ESP-9 cartridges print?

The Kodak black ink cartridge 10B works with this printer. It will print 425 pages. The Kodak color ink cartridge 10C prints 420 color pages. There are combo packages (color and black ink) and larg... Read More »

How many pages can one ink cartridge print?

Ink cartridges usually print a few hundred pages, according to PC Magazine. Page yield can depend on factors such as paper type and size, how often you use the printer and the type of images you pr... Read More »

Will my kodak g600 print if the cartridge is empty?

The Kodak Easy Share G600 Printer Dock cannot print with an empty cartridge. This dock requires special ink designed for the G600 Printer Dock as well as special photo paper. The color cartridge ... Read More »