Has anyone watched the boy in the striped pajamas?

Answer This was an incredibly well made film of the same caliber as Schindler's List without the overwhelming graphicness and sadness that Schindler's List brings. This provides a whole new perspective si... Read More »

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As one of the darkest chapters in world history, the Holocaust remains a haunting reminder of the ghastly and horrific things that human beings can do to one another for reasons that are too unfath... Read More »

How many pages are in the book Of Mice& Men?

The two most common editions of "Of Mice and Men" are the Penguin Classics edition which is 105 pages and the Penguin edition which is 112 pages. There are numerous other editions which range from ... Read More »

How many pages are in an average coloring book?

A regular, average coloring book is 32 or 48 pages long, including title pages. Coloring books categorized as "Super" contain about 80 pages, and those described as "Jumbo" have 224 pages.

When was the last time you actually used a phone book, such as yellow book or yellow pages?

A phone book has many uses:1) It can be used as a doorstop2) It can be used as a pedestal for your monitor3) It can be used as a scrapbook for those newspaper cuttings that you've painstakingly col... Read More »