How many pages are possible with a single word document?

Answer I think it's something like 32768 pages before it crashes

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How to Reformat a Word Document Onto As Few Pages As Possible?

This article shows how to fit a word document onto as few pages as possible

How Do I Add Extra Pages to a Word Document?

Add Manual Page BreakPlace your cursor in the location in your Word file where you want to insert the new page. Press "Ctrl" and "Enter" at the same time. You will insert a page break. You can also... Read More »

On microsoft word, how do you get rid of the blank pages at the end of a document?

Go to end of document before start of blank pages. Hold down the Ctrl button while depressing the Down Arrow button. This will quickly take you to physical end of document. Release both buttons and... Read More »

How do i add extra pages to a 2002 word document?

Open Word 2002, then pull down the File menu and select "Open." Browse to the document to add pages to, then double-click the file name to open it in the Word workspace.Position your cursor at the ... Read More »