How many oxygen atoms are in 2.40g of quartz?

Answer One mole of quartz (SiO4) has a mass of 92.09 g. Thus, 2.40 g of quartz equals 0.026 moles. Since there are 6.022 x 10 to the 23rd power molecules in one mole, there are 1.57 x 10 to the 22nd power... Read More »

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How many atoms are in oxygen?

Officially discovered in 1774 by English scientist Joseph Priestley, the element oxygen commonly exists in gas form and is categorized into the non-metals group of the periodic table. A diatomic ga... Read More »

How many atoms are in 1.25 mol of oxygen?

According to Avogadro's number, a mole represents 6.022 x 10²³ molecules. Thus, 1.25 moles of oxygen would contain:(1.25 moles) (6.022 x 10²³ molecules/mole) = 7.53 x 10²³ moleculesOxygen, ho... Read More »

How many oxygen atoms are in sugar?

The chemical name of table sugar is sucrose, and its molecular formula is C₁₂Hâ‚‚â‚‚O₁₁; it thus contains 11 oxygen atoms per molecule. Other sugars may contain more or fewer oxygen atoms. ... Read More »

How many atoms of oxygen are in a half cup of water?

The simplest answer is that the number of atoms depends on the size of the cup. You can get a rough estimate, however, by weighing the empty cup then weighing the cup when it's half full of water. ... Read More »