How many ounces is one San Marzano tomato squished?

Answer Recipes are a guide only. Put as many tomatoes on your pizza as you want. You can also use regular tomatoes if you can't find plum tomatoes (that's what San Marzanos are). I would bet the recipe is... Read More »

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Who is Robert Marzano?

Dr. Robert Marzano, PhD, is a researcher of education methods and the author of more than 30 books and 150 articles about teaching methods, according to the official website for his company, Marzan... Read More »

How to Apply Marzano's Dimensions of Learning?

Robert Marzano created his Dimensions of Learning to help teachers and parents educate children more effectively. Marzano applied five concepts to a child's education. The first two factors look at... Read More »

When I was 12 I squished a beetle. Can I still have grape juice?

No because if you do your nipples will fall off.

If I drink 60 ounces of Lipton Diet Peach Papaya tea per day is it the same as drinking 60 ounces of water?

YES!The answer that mentions sugar was obviously written by someone that missed the part of the question that said "DIET".Diet drinks of any kind do NOT contain SUGAR!Diet drinks are sweetened with... Read More »