How many ounces in a cup?

Answer LOL didn't you learn this in grade school? I did. It's 8.

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There are 8 ounces in a ½ pound. How many ounces are in 7 3/4 lbs?

i think this is the answer you are looking out for x=124 ounces in 7 3/4 pounds.Proof:8/.5=124/7.75.5*124=8*7.7562=62I hope this is the best answer. Please do let me know if it is.

How many ounces are in a cup of tea?

A standard cup of tea is 6 ounces, whereas a measuring cup is 8 ounces. If you're brewing tea in a mug or a larger teacup, you may need to add more tea leaves to get a good, strong flavor.Reference... Read More »

How many ounces are in a carafe?

A carafe is a container and not a standard unit of measurement, so the volume of liquid inside depends on the carafe size. Since a liter equals 33.7 ounces, a typical 750-milliliter carafe of wine ... Read More »

How many ounces in a cup of water?

According to the website, eight ounces of water is equivalent to one cup. This means that each ounce of water is one-eighth of a cup of water. Websites such as can d... Read More »