There are 8 ounces in a ½ pound. How many ounces are in 7 3/4 lbs?

Answer i think this is the answer you are looking out for x=124 ounces in 7 3/4 pounds.Proof:8/.5=124/7.75.5*124=8*7.7562=62I hope this is the best answer. Please do let me know if it is.

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How many ounces is a troy pound?

The troy system of measurements has largely fallen into disuse with the exception of precious metals, which are still priced and traded in troy ounces. There are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound. The... Read More »

How many ounces are in one troy pound?

Not to be confused with the avoirdupois ounce and pound generally referred to in the United States and United Kingdom, the troy ounce and pound are based on a different measurement system that, as ... Read More »

How many ounces of powdered sugar equals one pound?

There are 16 ounces of powdered sugar in a pound. Sixteen ounces always equals 1 lb. in U.S. standard weights and measures. Pounds and ounces are a measure of weight, not volume.Source:U.S. Weights... Read More »

How many cups are there in a pound of chicken?

If you have a recipe that calls for what I assume is a cup of cut up chicken... you can guesstimate that sort of thing. That measurement wouldn't have to be precise. You can't guess how much is in... Read More »