How many pitchers of beer are in a half barrel?

Answer A half barrel of beer holds 1,920 oz. of beer, or 5 gallons. The standard pitcher size for a bar pitcher used to fill draft beer from a half barrel is 60 ounces. A half barrel thus contains 32 60-o... Read More »

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How many ounces are in a half-gallon of milk?

There are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon of liquid, such as milk.Therefore, a half-gallon of milk would be equal to half of 128 ounces. There are 64 fluid ounces in a half-gallon of milk.Source:Cookb... Read More »

How many ounces of sour cream equals one-half cup?

There are 4 oz. of sour cream in a half cup. In fact, there are 4 oz. of any liquid in a half cup. Kitchen measures are generally for fluid ounces, a measure of volume rather than weight.References... Read More »

A half cup of chocolate chips equals how many ounces?

One cup of chocolate chips weighs about 6 ounces, therefore a half cup of chocolate chips equals about 3 ounces. These measurements are based on average chocolate chip sizes, which range from 1/8 i... Read More »

How Many Ounces of Silver Are in the Kennedy Half Dollar?

Kennedy silver half-dollars were made out of 90 percent silver in 1964 and 40 percent silver between 1965 and 1970. After that, all silver was removed. There are 0.36 ounces of silver in a 1964 Ken... Read More »