How many organic molecules are there?

Answer The simple answer is nobody knows the number of organic molecules. A more specific answer is there are tens of thousands identified, and scientists continuously discover new ones. There may be as m... Read More »

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Why Are There Many Different Types of tRNA Molecules?

When genes are expressed into proteins, DNA is first transcribed into messenger RNA (mRNA), which is then translated by transfer RNA (tRNA) into a growing chain of amino acids called a polypeptide.... Read More »

Different Organic Molecules?

Carbon atoms form the backbone of every organic compound. Hydrogen atoms regularly attach themselves to the carbon skeleton. Such atoms as oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur may also unite with carbon and... Read More »

Do organic molecules contain lipids?

Lipids are long-chain carbon compounds that do not mix well with water. Although lipids, as a group, represent a broad class of compounds, including fatty acids, waxes, oils and steroids, many othe... Read More »

Do organic molecules contain oxygen?

Organic molecules are primarily composed of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Those organic molecules that contain oxygen can be separated into three categories: alcohols, ketones and aldehydes. Ketones... Read More »