How many of you people use Wikipedia?

Answer I love Wikipedia.

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Why do so many people trust wikipedia?

I have identified three major reasons, although it is possible there are others as well:1. Laziness. These people don't want to be bothered with cross-referencing or having to collect information a... Read More »

How many people do you think donate money to Wikipedia?

I think that this is a very interesting question because the answer is not easy to find. It's easy to find out how much money was donated. According to the Wikimedia Foundation's Form 990 audited b... Read More »

Why does many people hate wikipedia (Mainly teachers)?

Since Wikipedia is a straightorward information site, and it is very easy to come across when looking or information, teachers want to make kid's lives that much harder and "ban" wikipedia. For one... Read More »

Why do so many people think of Wikipedia as some kind of lie factory?

People think things about Wikipedia because of what they have heard about it. For most people, the primary source of information about Wikipedia will be two places: News reports about Wikipedia, an... Read More »