How many of you people actually look like your Avatat?

Answer Actually...none of us

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People with avatars- do they actually look anything like you?

Why are there so many people on here saying, "think what your tattoo will look like when you are 80!"?

I agree with you, it's annoying. To cre8mean- just because we are tattooed doesn't mean we are stupid. We understand people ask this question because tattoo will fade, stretch, and wrinkle with us ... Read More »

Did Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap ever see what the person he leaped into actually look like in the episode he was the insane guy where he kept thinking he was other people he already had leaped into?

Nope- just the people he thought he was who were ones he had leaped into in earlier episodes.

How do you know what you actually look like (read inside)?

There you go!…I've done this before.. its very odd actually.