How many of you out there hang up your clothes on the clothesline outside your house if you have one?

Answer Yup! I do....But my wife does even more, I love the fresh air dried smell & feel of my clothes, and I'm "green," too....Saving electricity.

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Where should you hang a clothesline?

On One Hand: In a Sunny AreaYou should hang a clothesline in a spot where it will get a steady stream of sunshine at all times of the day. A spot that only gets some at certain times of the day wil... Read More »

How do i hang laundry out on a clothesline during the day?

Choose a Nice DayCheck the weather to make sure that rain is not expected before line-drying your clothing. It is also best to avoid hanging clothing out to dry if it is very windy. High winds can ... Read More »

How do I dry clothes on a clothesline outside?

Towels and Large SheetsFold them loosely over two clotheslines. Do not use clothespins--these items are too heavy for them. Hang towels and sheets on the outer portion of clotheslines, leaving the ... Read More »

Can you hang laundry on clothesline if you live in a Home Owners Association community?

Read your governing documents to determine the guidelines for hanging laundry on a clothesline in your community. Each is unique, individual and its own private democracy. One significant issue mig... Read More »