How many of you have upgraded to ie8 and is it REALLY better?

Answer I switched to Firefox a while back, and I like it much better than any version of IE that I've used, although I haven't tried IE8 yet. One of the things I like most about Firefox is an available ad... Read More »

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What is better PS3 or XBOX 360 and how many GB do i really need?

Well what do you want from your console? If you want a good motion control system, them Xbox is good. Also both consoles have games that are exclusive to them. Psn is free and Xbox live is not. But... Read More »

Do the yanks really have better food than us Brits?

I wouldn't know, I'm Irish. I'd ask The Oak.

I have upgraded my TV to HDTV?

I don't understand the point the other user is putting forward on not recommending 3D TV and also what's makes him to say about the PQ of 3D TVs.As per me, 3D TVs are becoming main stream for many ... Read More »

How to Have Your Steering Column Upgraded?

If you own an older car that was manufactured before the introduction of tilt steering columns, you can upgrade to a tilt column.