How many of you have farted in a classroom, and had gotten embarrassed?

Answer kinda related-- i had a spanish teacher (who looked like Yoda) and she farted during a test one time (one of the only tests i studied for- i knew the answers)and i was the first to bust out laughin... Read More »

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I just farted help!!?

Oh no! Your life is escaping! Quick! Use this! *hands you jar* Capture it!

I farted and a pea rolled out...?

for what? just wipe, and change your underwear

Is it possible to get pink eye if u get farted on?

Farts have bacteria in them. Bacteria cause some types of pink eye. It is possible there is some connection. People who go to strip clubs where strippers fart in their faces generally engage in oth... Read More »

What if we farted out of our mouths and ate through our butts?