How many of you have farted in a classroom, and had gotten embarrassed?

Answer kinda related-- i had a spanish teacher (who looked like Yoda) and she farted during a test one time (one of the only tests i studied for- i knew the answers)and i was the first to bust out laughin... Read More »

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Should I be embarrassed that i don't have many friends on Facebook?

Not at all, it's not a popularity contest. Facebook is something to keep in touch with the people you like and know. I would rather have 10 friends than 500 weirdo's I don't really know nosing at m... Read More »

How many of you have gotten a flash drive stolen?

Never had one stolen and I usually keep a backup of the entire flash drive on my home computer's hard drive. Since flash drives are easy to lose or get stolen however, it is important to try avoid ... Read More »

How many points have you gotten off of all these Youtube Questions!?

USA, NY, Febuary 24th 2008, 326PM ESTYouTube is back up and running.If Its not working for you, They are undergoing maintenance or whatever there doing over there, but it should be back up and runn... Read More »

How many of you guys have ever gotten an erection during a medical physical exam?

The first time I had a checkup for my prostate, not only did I get a hard-on, when the doctor put his finger up my a ss and massaged my prostate, it was such a shock that I pissed all over the wall... Read More »