How many of you have ever fallen down when you got dizzy?

Answer I was very close to falling when i was anemic and i was on the stairs too, that would of been a bumpy ride

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Have you ever fallen down a hole in the street and made a claim to the council for damages?

I took our local council to court when my Daughter trip in a whole and broke her nose that badly she needs surgery latter in life, the hole was not in the street but in our council home where they ... Read More »

Have y'all ever fallen asleep or almost fallen asleep while watching your young children?

Wow, quite frequently! I feel so horrible when I do it. It's just complete and utter exhaustion!

Have you ever fallen asleep in one position and woke up in a totally different one?

Yeah lol. One time I fell asleep in my room and woke up in the bed in our spare bedroom. But the weird thing was I had put new sheets on the bed O.oAnd another time I think I fell asleep or someth... Read More »

Does the Lauren kate fallen book have any relation to the fallen series on abc family?