How many of you have actually used the 'im feeling lucky' button on google?

Answer i did once, because there are a few funny easter eggs behind that button =)

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Have you ever clicked the button i'm feeling lucky on google?

no ... i have a paranoia of being taken to a trojan or virus ..

"i'm feeling lucky" button on google?

Click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google’s home page to go directly to the first result for your query. Instead of showing you a list of pages, Google sends you immediately to the result... Read More »

I'm Feeling Lucky Google search button...?

looks like it is a new years count down in seconds... take the current number and divide by 60 (seconds per minute) to get the minutes... take the number from above (the minutes) and divide by 60 (... Read More »

On Google, what does the " I'm Feeling Lucky" button do?

Takes you to what would be the first results webpage. You will not see the other results of the search. Do you feel lucky enought to just pick what google things will be the answer to what you are ... Read More »