How many of you bought a computer with Vista and went BACK to XP ?

Answer I had a chance to get a free Vista pack and passed on it...My sis paid to have her new laptop "Upgraded" (that's what they call it, ha ha ha) to XP.My uncle tried to show me how his Vista is so "co... Read More »

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I just bought a laptop, keep vista or go back to xp?

buy a mac.....haha...jk...well not really. but yeah it looks like you will be pretty good running vista on this puter. the reason most people are complaining about vista (and I am one also), is the... Read More »

I bought a computer with vista.I have a document that will not print or delete.I have tried everything,help?

This is a solution I've used many times to remove documents from the print que when they weren't removed by using the pull-down menu command to "cancel all documents". This applies to Windows XP, ... Read More »

I bought a used computer and my son a few days ago found child porn in some folders in the computer.?

you should call the police. even if you delete the files they will remain on your hardrive. if you take your computer in to be fixed or worked on you run the potential of the computer tech's find... Read More »

I just bought an hp all in one printer, but the box does not say its windows vista compatible, will it work?

Visit the HP web site and find the technical support page for your printer's model, it will more than likely contain the latest Vista drivers.Good luck.