How many of you bought a computer with Vista and went BACK to XP ?

Answer I had a chance to get a free Vista pack and passed on it...My sis paid to have her new laptop "Upgraded" (that's what they call it, ha ha ha) to XP.My uncle tried to show me how his Vista is so "co... Read More »

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Husband went behind my back and bought our son Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R....?

Although the ZX10R may not have been the best choice for your son (you don't tell us how much riding experience he has), the big problem seems to be with you. From your attitude, I'd probably go be... Read More »

Has anybody bought a smartphone, but you went back to a basic phone What was your reason for the switch?

My customer: i didnt need all the bells and whistles the smartphones offer. I'm mostly at home and don't need to have mobile internet on the go and i could care less about Facebook and constantly t... Read More »

I just bought a laptop, keep vista or go back to xp?

buy a mac.....haha...jk...well not really. but yeah it looks like you will be pretty good running vista on this puter. the reason most people are complaining about vista (and I am one also), is the... Read More »

My power went out while my computer was in and when I turned the computer back on the moniter said no signal?

Got anti surge protection between the wall socket and your computer and equipment?If not, then it looks like you have blown something.More than likely the video card or something on the motherboard... Read More »