How many of you are actually practicing safe sex via condoms. *Yes* or *No*?

Answer I'm married, so no

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What is the best safe sex protection besides condoms and birth control?

How many calories does a person looses while laughing, talking and practicing the Yoga?

http://www.calorie-count.comIt's really helpful. It will tell you how many calories you burn doing anything and also calories in all types of foods!

On what dates during the period cycle can you have safe intercourse without using condoms since you dont want her to get pregnant?

never. if you don't want a pregnancy, use birth control! (pill, condom, etc)

Is it safe to have a sex with aids patient by using condoms. Is it possible to have oral sex?

Though condoms reduce the risk of infection, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is 100% safe. If you decide to have a sexual relationship with your infected partner, be prepared for the potential consequ... Read More »