How many of when prompted by your PC, change your printer cartridge right away.?

Answer My sister refills mine for me, and I've used refills that are Tesco basic value - and they're great.. Saves a bundle..

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When you gave birth, did you love your baby right away?

im gna give u my honest personal opinion. i didnt love my son straight away n in fact didnt even hold him after i gave birth for more then 3 seconds. i stared in amazement when he slept next to me ... Read More »

I replaced ink cartridges in your canon pixma mp470 printer but printer display indicates cartridge is out of ink?

In small cameras, always go with optical image stabilization if available. Therefore, choose the SD11is.

How many of you right now have your right hand on your computer mouse?

Right now, I do not have my right hand on my mouse. My mouse is at home. I'm on a secret mission for the FBI, so I can't tell you which hand is on the mouse. I am not at liberty to say.

Can an unofficial ink cartridge mess up your printer?

If a generic cartridge is badly made, the ink can gum up the heads. With HP there is less chance since the heads are usually in the cartridge so replacing the cartridge will solve the problem. "Car... Read More »