How many of You use a night light?

Answer I never did till a while ago after my dog "Dakota" passed away♥ I have his box with his ashes in it where we call the "Hall of Fame" which is in the Hallway where all the family pictures are and ... Read More »

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How many potatoes does it take to light a low-voltage light bulb?

A single potato is all that is necessary to make a low-voltage light bulb glow. However, a potato battery is only capable of producing a few milliamps and cannot make even a low-powered bulb shine... Read More »

How to Light a Car Interior at Night?

Lighting your car's interior at night can have several motivations. It may be purely utilitarian, or you may be trying to add some pizzazz inside your car. Either way, there are several things you ... Read More »

How do fireflies light up at night?

Fireflies are a type of beetle that use a physical property called bioluminescence to light up when it's dark outside. There are several causes of bioluminescence, and it serves an important functi... Read More »

Do you leave a light on at night?

Not since a plane crashed into our house. Someone left the landing light on.