How many nuts does an oak tree produce?

Answer AnswerOak Trees produce acorns not nuts.Infact, your wrong, the acorn produces acorns which are nuts. Acorns are often classified as oak nuts. But I'm afraid I don't have the equation, apparently t... Read More »

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Does the male pecan tree produce nuts?

Pecan trees produce male and female flowers on each tree, but usually at different times. A tree in the male flowering stage cannot produce nuts. A tree in the female flowering stage that is cross-... Read More »

How many nuts does a walnut tree produce in one year?

What tree do pine nuts come from?

Pine nuts are the seeds of the Stone Pine, a native of the Mediterranean region. The seeds of numerous other pines including the Korean Pine and North American pinon tree also are edible.Source:Veg... Read More »

Does white chocolate contain tree nuts?

As the person who has been a chef for 20 years said, white chocolate is cocoa butter, sugar and maybe some vanilla. Cacao is a bean, not a nut. There are frequently cross contamination issues with ... Read More »