How many nuts does an oak tree produce?

Answer AnswerOak Trees produce acorns not nuts.Infact, your wrong, the acorn produces acorns which are nuts. Acorns are often classified as oak nuts. But I'm afraid I don't have the equation, apparently t... Read More »

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How many nuts does a walnut tree produce in one year?

Does the male pecan tree produce nuts?

Pecan trees produce male and female flowers on each tree, but usually at different times. A tree in the male flowering stage cannot produce nuts. A tree in the female flowering stage that is cross-... Read More »

How many pounds of pecans does a pecan tree produce?

Pecan trees are alternate bearing and do not produce consistent yields from year to year. An older tree, aged 15 years or greater, might produce 100 to 200 lbs. annually if regular growth condition... Read More »

How many lemons does a lemon tree produce in its lifetime?

A lemon tree can potentially produce over 90,000 lemons in its lifetime. The exact number depends on the conditions that affect the tree's yield, and the length of the tree's life. Healthy trees ca... Read More »