How many numbers are in a fax number?

Answer Fax numbers are just like regular phone numbers. In the United States, fax numbers consist of a three-digit area code and a seven-digit phone number. You must dial the fax number on your fax machin... Read More »

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What numbers do i put before a phone number so that i can withhold my number from them?

*67!!here are all the codes for you!!

How many numbers in a mobile number?

Mobile number follow the international stantard for number of digits. In some countries they are preceded by a 0. Excluding that digit any number - Landline or mobile need to be 10 digits long

How many numbers are in a UK phone number?

In a United Kingdom telephone number, there are eleven digits total. When written, the phone number is separated into three digits, four digits and four digits. This is similar to the United States... Read More »

What is the largest number that you can get when you add two digit numbers?

The largest number that can be obtained when adding two two-digit numbers is 198, which is the sum of 99 and 99, the largest two-digit numbers.The largest sum of two non-identical two-digit numbers... Read More »