How many nuclei does each cell have?

Answer The number of nuclei present in a cell depends greatly upon the type of cell, any mutations that may be present and reproductive processes. Cells with only one nucleus are referred to as nucleated ... Read More »

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How many volts are in each cell in a 12v battery?

A typical 12 volt lead-acid battery is made up of six cells; the voltage of each cell adds up to make the total voltage across the terminals of the battery. Although this would seem to indicate tha... Read More »

How many die each year due to cell phones?

According to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, "cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year." The Governors Highway Safety Association st... Read More »

How many neutrons&protons are in a nuclei?

The number of neutrons and protons in a stable nucleus depends on what type of atom it is. Each nucleus has an equal number of negatively charged neutrons and an equal number of positively charged ... Read More »

How many cell phones are sold each year?

Cell phones sold world wide: 2004 - 674 million 2005 - 779 million 2007 - 1.1 billion prescription of 2009 - 1 billion workd wide, 3.3 billion cell phone subscription Every year marking of 12... Read More »