How many nuclei does each cell have?

Answer The number of nuclei present in a cell depends greatly upon the type of cell, any mutations that may be present and reproductive processes. Cells with only one nucleus are referred to as nucleated ... Read More »

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Can you see nuclei in elodea cells?

The nucleus of an Elodea cell can be seen, but it is often difficult to see in living, unstained cells because it is nearly transparent. The nucleus can be more easily seen by fixing and staining t... Read More »

How many neutrons&protons are in a nuclei?

The number of neutrons and protons in a stable nucleus depends on what type of atom it is. Each nucleus has an equal number of negatively charged neutrons and an equal number of positively charged ... Read More »

What is the combining of nuclei atoms called?

The combining of atomic nuclei is known as "nuclear fusion." Nuclear fusion is the primary energy source for stars. The opposite process (the splitting apart of an atom's nucleus) is known as "nucl... Read More »

Why do astronomers believe black holes are the source of an active galactic nuclei energy?

Astronomers have found that the centers of some galaxies shine with more light than their stars can make and that their brightness changes over time. They speculate that large black holes there are... Read More »