How many novels has Stephen King published?

Answer Stephen King, the author of "Carrie" and "The Green Mile", has published more than 70 novels under a variety of names, according to Business Week's WalletPop. King has sold "between 300 million and... Read More »

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How many books has Stephen King published?

According to Stephen King's official website, he has had six non-fiction books published, 48 fiction books published and eight books published under the name Richard Bachman, for a total of 62 book... Read More »

Which Steven King novels did family guy do in that episode?

Technically speaking they spoofed movies based on one Stephen King novel, and two of his short stories. They Spoofed Misery, the one where Stewie played the crazy chick (Novel), The Shawshank Redem... Read More »

Does Stephen King have a pen name?

Stephen King has previously used the pen names Richard Bachman and John Swithen. King wrote the stories "Thinner," "The Long Walk," "Roadwork" and several others under the Bachman pseudonym. He wro... Read More »

Does Stephen King believe in God?

On Stephen King's official website it states: "Stephen was raised as a Methodist and attended church regularly in his youth. He no longer attends church, but he does believe in God and reads the Bi... Read More »