How many normal-sized glasses of water are equivalent to 2 litres ?

Answer about 8.Estimating a normal-sized glass contains about 250 ml of waterand a liter is equal to 1000 ml we have 2 liters = 2000 ml2000 ml / 250 ml = 8 glasses of water

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What would happen to me if instead of drinking two litres of water a day i drank 2 litres of coke?

First you will start to become dehydrated. Caffeine has that affect on the body.Second you would start to gain weight due to all of the calories in the coke.You might get jittery or have nervious p... Read More »

What will happen if I drink 5 litres of water daily?

it's definitely not harmful...the body, especially in summer when it's hot needs to be well hydrated but you don't need 5 litres of water...Salad and fruit contains water or juice as well...Water m... Read More »

How many litres of water does a 15ft circular pool hold please?

1 square meter 10cm deep would contain 100 litres.A circular pool 15ft across its diameter would have a floor area of 16.409 square meters. So for every 10cm of water the volume would be 1,640.9 li... Read More »

What's the difference between sports glasses and normal glasses?

Sports glasses would be with a safety frame of some type, usually polycarbonate , and polycarbonate lenses.Sports glasses are sports glasses because of the safety aspects of the frame and lenses...... Read More »