How many NFL pro teams are there?

Answer There are 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL). They are divided into two conferences of 16 teams, and each conference has four divisions of four teams each. Six teams from each conferenc... Read More »

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How many nfl, nba&mlb teams are there?

In the National Football League there are 32 teams that play in two conferences with four divisions in each conference.Major League Baseball has 30 teams that play in two leagues with three divisio... Read More »

How many baseball teams are there in MLB?

Major League Baseball (MLB) has 30 teams. They are split between the National League, which has 16 teams and the American League, which has 14 teams. Each league has three divisions: the East, Cent... Read More »

How many NFL teams are there in the league?

The National Football League consists of eight divisions of four teams each, for a total of 32 NFL teams (as of the 2010 season). There are 16 teams in both the NFL's National Football Conference a... Read More »

How many pro soccer teams are there?

Major League Soccer in the United States and Canada consists of two conferences--Eastern and Western. Each conference comprises eight teams for a total of 16 professional soccer teams. The U.S. is ... Read More »