How many NFL teams are named after animals?

Answer Of the 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL), 14 of them are named after animals. The 14 teams are the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colt... Read More »

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How many NFL teams are named after four-legged animals?

Eight different National Football League teams have the names of four-legged animals. The teams are the Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Indianap... Read More »

Why does ESPN only focus on eastern teams and not Midwest of west teams?

Because ESPN focuses on there sports teams and the sports they think are the best. For example, 65% of their sports center broadcast is NBA, 25% is NFL and 10% is NHL when these 3 sports are all ac... Read More »

Do mother birds kill baby birds if handled by humans?

It is a myth that mother birds kill their young if humans touch them. Birds have a very poor sense of smell and cannot distinguish a human smell. Also, mother birds have a very strong protective in... Read More »

What Sesame Street character has a friend named Mr Noodle and a goldfish named Dorothy?