How many neutrons are in an atom of hydrogen?

Answer The nucleus of a typical hydrogen atom contains no neutrons and one proton, and it makes up over 99.9 percent of naturally occurring hydrogen. An isotope of hydrogen called deuterium consists of on... Read More »

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How many protons&neutrons are in a chlorine atom?

The atomic number of an element comprises the number of protons contained in one atom. The atomic weight of an element indicates the number of protons plus neutrons. Chlorine has an atomic number ... Read More »

How to Figure Out How Many Protons & Neutrons Are in an Atom?

Protons and neutrons are the heaviest atomic particles that an atom contains. The sum of their weights makes up the unique atomic mass of an atom. An atom is the smallest measured unit of an elemen... Read More »

How many protons&neutrons does a silicon atom have?

Silicon has the abbreviation Si. It is element 14 on the periodic table, and it has 14 protons. The atomic weight of Si is 28. Since the atomic weight is the sum of the protons and neutrons, Si has... Read More »

How many neutrons in hydrogen?

The most common form of hydrogen, called protium, contains one proton and no neutron. There is a rare form of hydrogen called deuterium that has one proton and one neutron. About one in every 6,500... Read More »