Can you use pine needles instead of spruce needles in beer?

Answer The Scottish Highlanders commonly used both pine and spruce to make beer until the end of the 19th century. Springtime shoots are added during the manufacturing process, not the needles from a matu... Read More »

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Porcupine's Diet?

The common porcupine of North America has a diet that consists mostly of plants, with the mammal having particular cravings for salt whenever it can access some. These eating habits make it possibl... Read More »

How to Draw a Porcupine?

Porcupines are small rodents with many long bristles covering their sides and backs. Apart from that sharp feature, they resemble a small gopher or groundhog. When illustrating a porcupine you do n... Read More »

How to Groom a Porcupine Pine?

Commonly known as a Ponderosa Pine, the porcupine pine is distinguished by others of the genus by the extreme length of its needles. Although a beauty of it's own, it needs plenty of care.

How to Remove Porcupine Quills?

Porcupines are a timid, reclusive animal that can cause painful injuries to any creature who gets too close. This nocturnal rodent makes its home in North America, usually in earthen dens, rock sli... Read More »