How many nanometers equal a meter?

Answer It takes 1 billion nanometers to equal one meter. Nano- is the metric prefix that denotes to 10^-9, or one one-billionth, of the base unit. Meters are the standard metric unit for measuring distanc... Read More »

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How many nanometers are there in one meter?

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. There are one billion nanometers in one meter. Nano is a prefix meaning one billionth, derived from a Greek root meaning "dwarf."References:Purdue Universit... Read More »

How to Convert a Meter to Nanometers?

Nanometers get a lot of attention in popular science magazines and reports. Most people have heard of nanotechnology and picture microscopic robots traveling the human blood stream looking for bact... Read More »

One meter is equal to how many millimeters?

One meter is equal to 1,000 millimeters. The meter is the standard unit of length in the International System of Units, more commonly known as the metric system. The prefix "milli-" means "thousan... Read More »

How many decimeters equal a meter?

A meter is the basic unit of length in the modern metric system. A meter contains 100 centimeters, according to Convert Me. A decimeter is 10 centimeters long (the prefix deci means 10), so a mete... Read More »